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Todd Nichols, Anser Enterprise

Algorithm Engineering, Software Architecture and Development, Performance Monitoring and Modeling, and Java/.NET/database consulting

About Anser Enterprise

Anser Enterprise specializes in Algorithm Engineering. We combine theoretical algorithm design with real-world data to achieve robust, efficient, well tested, and easily usable implementations meeting customer's specific needs.

Also, Anser Enterprise answers Information Technology questions of importance to decision makers in financial services, Internet commerce and other industries. Anser Enterprise has an extensive background supporting IT organizations and software suppliers with their application architecture, design, implementation, and performance modeling/testing. We are located in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley area and have established relationships with key technology vendors and partners with proven commercial enterprise-wide products and approaches.

Our Web Presence

Our Web site shares technologies, methodologies, ideas and references to other information sources that are currently relevant to what we are doing. Hence technical content will change frequently. Please contact us if you can't find something that has interested you but has been move to an archive location.

Algorithm Engineering - OpenCV and Innovative Object Identification Algorithms
Adapting Open Source Load Testing Tool for WebLogic Server Configuration Testing -- The Grinder Project
Animated Performance Charting provides an easy way to see the effect on TPS and Response Time as a configuration parameter is dynamically varied over a range of tested values. This article describes a Java Charting Applet that uses of an Open Source charting library (JFreeChart) with additional development to animate a family of performance curves.

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